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About TGC

Tehran Game Convention is the greatest international B2B event in the video game industry in the Middle East. Attendance of tens of key speakers, 100+ companies, international publishers and 2300+ game developers from all over the world creates a great opportunity for the growth of game development and scaling of the market in Iran and in the region.

The first TGC was held in July 2017 and was well received by local and international game developers. The second event of TGC creates greater opportunities for cooperation and partnership of active members of the game development industry.

This event is held by the National Computer Games Foundation of Iran and the Game Connection of France, which means:

The objective and mission of TGC

Establishing a sustainable connection between active game developers in Iran and the Middle East, as well as the Northern Africa and international game developers from Europe and the Americas is of the main objectives of this event.

The properties of game development industry in Iran is very attractive to investors and active members of this industry. The existence of tens of game development companies as well as thousands of talented game developers and of course, more than 23 million gamers in Iran creates great opportunities for international publishers and investors to get to know the Iranian game market as well as to introduce high-quality Iranian games to international markets.

Finally, TGC is diligent to play its role as the main and most significant scientific-commercial event of game industry in the region and to create a bridge between the active members of the industry in the region and in other parts of the world.

TGC section

B2B Area

The B2B area of the TGC includes booths and spaces dedicated to business meetings where firms and individuals shall meet to introduce products, services and eventually sign contracts of cooperation and partnership. The B2B area includes the following spaces:

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The conference area of the TGC is where major speakers from all around the world gather around. The TGC 2018 includes 80 speeches where more than half of the speakers attend from different countries from all over the world. The content of the speeches are categorized into five main sections:

conference room

Gamistan Awards

Gamistan awards

The first event of TGC, in affiliation with international publishers, introduced the best Iranian game compelling enough to be published in international markets in “The Development Awards” section.

The TGC 2018 is to experience great modifications in this section of the event as fundamental as its name. The development awards is now called the Gamistan Awards. You’re going to hear “Gamistan” a lot in the future.

In addition to the alternation of the name of the event, this year welcomes game developers from countries from the western Asia, Southern Asia, as well as from northern Africa to attend the competition. We created a new region called “Gamistan” that includes all the countries in these regions. So this is where Gamistan is come from!

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