Siavash Jafarzadeh & Mehdi Moozeh

Siavash Jafarzadeh & Mehdi Moozeh photo
Paeezan Studio
CTO / Backend Developer
Talk title:

lessons learned: making a multiplayer game




Siavash Jafarzadeh - born in 1988 Tehran Iran - have worked on ETArmies multiplayer section (PC multiplayer game) - lead game programmer at PaeezanStudio Mehdi Moozeh : - Backend developer at PaeezanStudio - Software engineer degree - have been a backend developer for more than 7 years - have worked on Rando (peer-to-peer ridesharing, and transportation network company) as a project manager and backend developer. - have worked on Pesarkhande (Mobile online multiplayer game)

Talk abstract:

The story behind programming an online multiplayer game (Pesarkhande) from prototyping to lunch with the emphasis on multiplayer architecture, data transfer model, and server infrastructure. The speech prologue will be about what every programmer needs to know about "Game Networking". Afterward, we will dive into the main part which will be about comparing game network architectures and showing some practical examples and challenges we faced making "Pesarkhande". Our talk will be closed by explaining more about our server-side and how we manage scalability, reliability, and consistency.


Beginner - intermediate