Sarah Alirezaei

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Lighthouse Games (Avagames)
Game UI/UX designer/ Game Artist
Talk title:

UX in Games: The Missing Experience!




I'm Sarah Alirezaee, studied Industrial design at Alzahra university faculty of art and now I have more than 3 years of working experience in UX and human centric design in fields of websites, mobile apps and mobile games. I worked at Tiara-studio, first design agency in IRAN in order to face some practical experiences in user centric design and gain the ability to solve problems and make solutions that matters as a experience concept designer. Since I was a big fan of video games as far as I remember, I have extend my knowledge and experience in games UX as well and now I'm working in a related field.

Talk abstract:

Well, there are tones of tiny user experience based mistakes that designers make while making a game. Things like how to manage buttons in order to gain user attention, how to design the best UI/HUD for that players can easily find their way through the game without any halt or hesitation. These are things that are easy to miss when one doesn't now about them and can directly affect the experience of playing which will lead to anger and frustration in users and this isn't the only problem, the game call-center will be overload with emails, comments and calls of angry players who want their money back, specially in freemium games. So my talk content will be about all these little missing user experience based rules which can make a real difference in the games value in players point of viwe.


Game designers, Game UI designers and Game Artist.