Mohannad Al-khatib

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Artifact 5
Creative Director
Talk title:

Rendered Emotions



Mohannad Al-Khatib is an experienced multidisciplinary artist with a passion for creating surreal, beautifully imperfect and mind-bending art in different media ranging from traditional sculpture to 3D art and digital painting. He was responsible for setting the visual direction of Anamorphine at its inception. Having studied at Concordia University in Computation Arts, Mohannad has an extensive experience in creating Digital Media assets. His past work experience includes clients as diverse as the Air Defence Museum, Botanical Gardens of New York, Gameloft, and academical research labs like Obx. His artistic sensibilities, coupled with an acute sense of quality control, attention to detail and excellent communication skills make him the ideal Creative Director for Anamorphine.

Talk abstract:

Surreal mechanics and visual effects are great for “wow” factor, but in Anamorphine we also use them to reinforce the narrative and reflect the emotional state of the characters. As developers, we make our environments literally figurative, telling a story by representing the mind of our character for players to spatially explore. We will walk you through examples of how we use environmental narrative design to convey the emotional memories of a character without dialogue, cutscenes, UI or action buttons, and how we incorporate the minimal act of looking and walking around as a storytelling tool. We will encourage the audience to try to push their mechanics and environment in creative ways that empower the narrative.


Designers, Artists, and writers looking to leverage their art to reinforce the narrative