Mohammad Najafi

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Black Cube Games
3D Artist
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Important information you should know before starting to make a 3D character model




Mohammad is a 3D artist with 7 years experience in Iran game industry. Some of his notable projects : Ghost Recon: Wildland Defenders of Naxia The legend of Rouzbeh Uncle Norouz Awakening: Burning Ashes Skull Dive Shaolin VS Wutang Shadow Blade 2 (Vertical Slice) The Tale of Bistun

Talk abstract:

The first thing you should ask yourself to start the 3D works when you have a concept art. How does the camera effects on your 3D works? How does your game genre effects on your pipeline? The best way to understand your art style. The important role of references for texturing and sculpting in ZBrush. How to optimize your 3D characters?


3D artists, Project Managers and all who interested in 3D character development process