Jesse Scoble

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F.A.B. Tech
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Infinite Monkeys On Infinite Keyboards: The Role of the Writer in Video Games




Jesse Scoble is a writer, game designer, and story editor, and has worked in video games for 12 years. He wrote for Far Cry 5, Assassin's Creed: Origins, and Watch Dogs 2. Previously he was Creative Design Lead on Wizard101 at KingsIsle Entertainment for 3 years. He was also the writer on Obsidian's Armored Warfare, a designer on Tail Towns and Webkinz, and the Community Writer on City of Heroes (NCsoft/Cryptic). He has also contributed to more than 30 RPG books and related anthologies (including as Creative Director on Silver Age Sentinels and A Game of Thrones d20 RPG). His non-games work includes a Western Horror movie script and a comedic web series about working in the video game industry (Project 23A) which he co-wrote and directed.

Talk abstract:

The writer plays a critical role in any game with a strong focus on narrative and story, but the actual job is sometimes hard to define, let alone understand. How does the writer fit with the rest of the production team, and why is it important that they do? How does a writer manage their duties in the often-shifting realities of a production schedule, and what are realistic expectations for the actual day-to-day work? This is a discussion of the work of a game writer, exploring best practices and potential pitfalls.


Students, junior / mid-level writers, and senior members who want to learn how best to work with writer/narrative designers.