Amin Shahidi & Soroush Abbasian

Amin Shahidi & Soroush Abbasian photo
Black Cube Games
Team Lead, 3D Animator, Game Design / Real Time VFX Artist UI Designer
Talk title:

Ingame Combat Animation (biped rig - 3ds Max)




Amin : 3D animator with 9 years of experience in games. Worked on in-game animations, cinematic animations for studios from all around the world as well as local studios. Game designer with 4 years of experience at Black Cube Games. Currently working as the creative designer at BCG. Soroush : Soroush is Real time VFX artist with 6 years experience in game industry. Some of my notable projects : Shadow Blade Original, Shadow Blade 2(vertical slice version), Hardambil ,Rooster Wars , Uncle Noruz, Hunter, Thunderbolt, Infantimals , Moomin House

Talk abstract:

A growing number of 3D games are being made and a large portion of those games are on mobile platforms. There are also a large number of 3D games being made in Iran. Games that have characters need life and life means animations. I plan to share my 3D animation experiences I have gathered over the past few years in local and international games. I mainly plan to cover combat animations as these animations usually need strong communication between the game design and technical team for the best results. In this talk, we will discuss the basic human anatomy and how the idea of each animation is formed. Next, we will talk about biped rigs in 3Ds max and how we need to implement our ideas in the rig. We will also talk about the pipeline of creating 3D animations and will complete the talk by going over how to export the animation for game engines.


Animator, 3D Animator, 3Ds Max User, Game Artist, Game Director, Animation Programmer, Technical Animator, Game Designer