Adam Clare

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Wero Creative
Lead Game Design
Talk title:

Modular Puzzle Deisgn for fun and profit




Adam Clare is Lead Game Designer at Wero Creative and a professor of game design at George Brown College. He has worked on escape rooms in multiple countries, and wrote the book Escape the Game about designing escape rooms and puzzles. In 2016 he wrote The Unofficial Pokemon GO Tracker’s Guide: Finding the Rarest Pokemon and Strangest PokeStops on the Planet. Adam has worked on award winning games and on games for nearly every platform from digital to the real world, from VR to AR. He continues to co-organize the annual Board Game Jam. You can follow his research and find his games at

Talk abstract:

Want to design fun puzzles quickly and reuse them without boring the player? Level designers already have modularity in their art assets, so why not do the same for puzzle assets. This talk explores how designers can use modularity in their puzzles while keeping puzzles fun and engaging. Adam outlines how he uses techniques for physical escape room design and applies them to video games. Modularly driven puzzles allow for a ‘mass production’ of challenges for designers who need a lot of content done quickly. At Wero Creative they have used this technique in DeepCity and the forth-coming Dr. Trolley’s Problem.