TGC is the Gateway for Iranian Games to Enter the International Markets

TGC is the Gateway for Iranian Games to Enter the International Markets photo

A press conference with Pierre Carde, CEO of Game Connection, Hassan Karimi Ghodoosi, CEO of Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation, and Mehrdad Ashtiani Project Manager of Tehran Game Convention took place on the first day of the TGC event.

Mehrdad Ashtiani said the following during the Press Conference,

"The advancement of Iranian gamers' technical abilities through the experience and  knowledge of international game developers and creating the potential to export  Iranian games were amongst the main objectives of TGC, and we are pleased to witness a great reception from this event."

The conference manager added,

"More than 120 booths have been organized in the business sector of the event, with the participation of Iranian game developers and international publishers.The even also has a total of 60 speakers, 40 of whom are foreign and the rest Iranian.

Adding that each day of the event 3 all-day Master Classes are being held, he continued,

"3 specialized panels have also been scheduled for this event, which will put up for discussion various topics related to the  game industry."

Ashtiani, expressing that the total number of participants at this event had gone beyond 2,300 individuals, said,

"We are hopeful that in addition to increasing the skills of our countries game developers, the grounds are made for international publication of Iranian games, international partnerships in production, and the exchange of services between Iranian and International companies."

He continued,

"Something that was really notable for us was that many of the international speakers, 3 months prior, had reviewed the contents of their presentation with us in order to present the most crucial topics at this event. In addition, our American guests had a very negative reaction to the order by the Trump administration to temporarily ban nationals from 6 countries, and they had written many tweets against the order."

Cynics will be humbled

Hassan Karimi Ghodoosi, CEO of Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation at this press conference said,

"After attending global game development events we came to the conclusion that this industry has in fact become obsolete in Iran. 100 game developing companies and 2000 game developers are active in Iran but have virtually no contact with international markets."

He added,

"By holding TGC we have tried to reconcile the domestic game developing  industry with the international community and to introduce Iranian game developers with the most globally up-to-date knowledge."

Karimi Ghodoosi continued,

We are hopeful that by holding TGC we can establish the necessary trust of international companies, and they get a chance to see in person that Iran is amongst the safest countries in the world and has many skills and talents amongst its game developers."

After Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation CEO stated that there were many oppositions to holding the TGC event, he said,

"Some were imagining what terrible events could happen at this event. I wish these guys can make it to TGC these two days and see up close that two thousand Iranian game developers are being educated at TGC and introducing their games to international buyers."

He continued,

" In the Development Award competition, Iranian games were judged by international referees and after the winners are announced at the closing ceremony, you will see that all the games selected have been built based on our Iranian-Islamic culture. This shows that the world is desiring of new thoughts and ideas, and this is a great opportunity for Iranian games."

He stressed, " All the speakers at the event come from the back bone of the international gaming industry. That is, script writers, artist, and game designer, and not decision makers from big companies."

Karimi Ghodoosi said,

"After the closing of TGC, those who in the past year were cynical about  holding  TGC will be humbled, and the broad participation of Iranian game developers showed that this conference should have been held sooner."

The CEO of Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation said, " In order to achieve the international goals of TGC, we needed to have a first-rate international corporation to create the necessary confidence. Game Connection France, with a history of large events in Europe, the United States and China joined us. "

He added, "The speakers and companies participating in the event were not assigned to us by Game Connection; they were individually selected by us from a list of 300 people."

The next year's program:  Iranian Computer Games Week

The CEO of Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation on next year's TGC event said, "For next year's TGC we are considering an even bigger event whose planning began a few weeks ago."

 He added, " We plan on holding Tehran Computer Games Week next year. The event will include a public show, a business fair, conferences and an e-Sport section."

Karimi Ghodoosi emphasized, " Our deal with Game Connection is set to be extended automatically and this cooperation will continue."

It is Wise to invest and collaborate with Iranian game developers

Pierre Carde, CEO of Game Connection, after stating at this press conference that TGC is the first event Game Connection has held in the Middle East, said," Of the various game industry events in the Middle Eastern that I have attended, including in Turkey and Lebanon, I can say with confidence that such an event drawing in 2000 participants has never until now taken place in the Middle East."

He emphasized, " We have come here in order to open the door to Iran's game developing industry games to the world."

The CEO of Game Connection continued, " Trust is one of the most important steps for securing Iran's game developing industry's presence in the global market. Trust is not achieved overnight and is the result of a long-term relationship, and we hope to support and restore this relationship."

Carde said, "I assure you that all our effort has been to convince international business professionals in the game industry that it is wise to cooperate with the Iranian video game industry and that it is worth their investment and attention."

He continued, "We are enthusiastic about expanding our partnership with  Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation, and we are currently in fact polarizing the Middle East."

The CEO of Game Connection said, "There are good quality games in Iran, and they can expand their business to international markets."