Professor Minhua Eunice Ma, the keynote speaker of DGRC2018

Professor Minhua Eunice Ma, the keynote speaker of DGRC2018
23 September 2018

Professor Minhua Eunice Ma, the faculty member of Staffordshire University, will participant as a keynote speaker in DGRC2018.

Professor Minhua Eunice Ma is the Dean of School of Computing and Digital Technologies at Staffordshire University and Professor of Computer Games Technology. She is also a Governor and Trustee of Wakefield College in West Yorkshire. Professor Ma joined Staffordshire University in May 2017. Previously she was Associate Dean of the School of Art, Design and Architecture at University of Huddersfield. Professor Ma obtained her MSc in Computer Science from Newcastle University and PhD in Computer Science from Ulster University, and worked there as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on virtual reality games. She joined University of Derby as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Games Modeling and Animation in 2007 and was promoted to Reader in 2009. She was the Head of Academic Programs at the Glasgow School of Art since 2010 and became a Professor of Computer Games Technology in 2013.

Professor Ma is a world-leading academic developing the emerging field of serious games. She has published widely in the fields of serious games for education, medicine and healthcare, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Natural Language Processing, in over 100 peer-reviewed publications, including 9 books on serious games with Springer. Eunice has received grants from RCUK, EU, NHS, NESTA, UK government, charities and a variety of other sources for her research on VR and serious games for stroke rehabilitation, cystic fibrosis, autism, medical education, cultural heritage, Holocaust education and preventing gender-based violence.
Professor Ma is the Editor-in-Chief responsible for the Serious Games section of the Elsevier journal Entertainment Computing. She is the Founding Chair of the Joint Conference on Serious Games (JCSG), which has been running for eight years in Derby (2010), Lisbon (2011), Bremen (2012), Trondheim (2013), Berlin (2014), Huddersfield (2015), Brisbane (2016) and Valencia (2017). She gave a number of keynotes at Jury Symposium Visual Evidence 2010, the Anatomical Society Meeting 2012, CultureTech 2013, International Workshop on Waiting for Artificial Intelligence 2013, UK-US Serious Games for Health Workshop 2016 etc. She has chaired 12 international conferences and is on the Program Committee of over 30 international conferences and workshops. Professor Ma was an Expert Judge for the International Loebner Prize Contest in Artificial Intelligence (the Turing Test) to find the world's best conversational chatbot computer program.
She has been supervising 22 PhD students (6 completed) in digital games technologies and computer science. With her team she has been leading the development of VR, AR and serious games for healthcare and education with broad impact in creative technologies and various application domains.


    Serious Games and Edutainment Applications (2018)
    A Haptic-Based Virtual Reality Head and Neck Model for Dental Education in: Virtual, Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Healthcare (2014)
    Sense: An interactive learning application that visualizes the nerve supply of face in: Serious Games Development and Applications (2014)
    Constructivist Learning in Anatomy Education: What Anatomy Students Can Learn through Serious Games Development In: Serious Games Development and Applications (2012)


    PgCert Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (FHEA), University of Derby
    PhD in Computer Science, Ulster University
    MSc in Computer Science, Newcastle University
    MA in Phonetics & Phonology, Shanghai Normal University
    BA in Linguistics, Shanghai Normal University

Research Interests

    Digital games technology, serious games for education and healthcare, pro-social games
    3D Visualisation, medical visualisation, heritage visualistion, 3D animation
    Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
    HCI, embodied virtual humans, haptic interface, natural interface
    Natural Language Processing, computational semantics

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Digital Games Research Conference (DGRC) will be held at 29 and 30 November

Digital Games Research Conference (DGRC) will be held at 29 and 30 November
25 July 2018

Digital Games Research Conference is the largest Iranian multidisciplinary annual academic conference with a wide variety of research fields in digital games. This conference holds by Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation (IRCG), the hub point and policymaker organization in Islamic Republic of Iran, with the cooperation of one university each year. The conference covers all important aspects of digital games, including research activities in arts, human sciences, medical aspects, and technical.
DGRC2018 held at IRIB University (Iran Broadcasting University), Tehran, Iran as a two-day conference, 29 and 30 November 2018. In addition to accepting the scientific papers worldwide, the conference holds specialized workshops, panels, technological tables and Serious Games Prize 2018 (SeGaP2018).

For more information, click on the link below:

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The Most Signifcant Information of Digital Games Consumption in Iran

The Most Signifcant Information of Digital Games Consumption in Iran
23 July 2018

Iran digital games industry has found its path to make progress step by step. Large-scale events such as TGC,TGF, IGL, and DGRC have provided a vast field for this creative industry in various aspects in Iran. Iranian game developers are located in the brightest historical period of their competition in the international market by far. International market penetration and presence in the unsaturated local market based upon a sustainable competitive advantage are two main drivers for game developers to develop high-quality
 games. A powerful network of researchers in different academic disciplines is forming in order to upgrade the knowledge base of the industry. Essential infrastructure has been established for knowledge and technology
 transfer. Gradually, investors are attracted to the rapid acceleration in digital games economic growth and other potentials of this media industry. The emergence of creative and young brands has led to forming a
 fresh game journalism that plays a key role in the industrial development. In this situation, periodic and regular surveys can help drawing digital games consumption status and measuring consumption trend changes.
 The Landscape Report 2018 is an abstract of national survey results that have conducted by DIREC at the beginning of 2018.

How This Research Has Been Done?

Information which is available in this report is analyzed based on the national survey conducted by DIREC throughout Islamic Republic of Iran with the sample size of 8000. For conducting an accurate survey, a compound sampling “Stratifed-Multistage Clustering” is implemented which comprises
 metropolitans, cities, and rural areas. Also, in order to facilitate to read this report, all statistics and numbers are rounded as much as possible.
 “2017 Landscape” report shares the most important Iranian gamers’ information in the year 2017. It must be noticed that a “gamer” is a person who plays the digital game at least one hour in a week with at least one of the main game platforms including Mobile, Console, and Computer.

Download Landscape 2017 Report

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We are conducting survey amongst the game developers to strengthen and evolve TGC

We are conducting survey amongst the game developers to strengthen and evolve TGC
7 July 2018

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance paid a visit to TGC2018 yesterday.

Seyyed Abbas Salehi visited the TGC2018 this afternoon and talked to a large number of game developers and exhibitors attending the event, according to the Public Relations Department of the National Computer Games Foundation.

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance after visiting the event said “according to the resolution of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, the National Computer Games Foundation which is affiliated body to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is responsible for computer games field. However, we have plans to coordinate more with the various ministries in this area.

"TGC's targeting is the transfer and exchange of knowledge and opportunity for the presence of Iranian games in foreign markets," Salehi said in response to the question of whether there is a possibility to hold a public exhibition on the sideline of TGC event. He further assed: “This event is still in its infancy, and an expert job must be done to develop and strengthen it with the support of activists in the field. We will certainly collect the view points of game developers on this subject.

He said that for the development of the entertainment industry, we need to coordinate and co-operate with all actors in the field. He added: "however, each event is defined with a specific purpose, and in view of this, we may see the presence of a group in an event or lack of presence. But this does not undermine the values and endeavors of that group in the gaming industry.

Salehi, in response to the question on sanctions effect on the TGC, said: “a lot of issues are still speculative. However, we try to protect the TGC event to see the least possible impact.”

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said that two areas of advertising and media should come to the aid of the gaming industry. He further mentioned: "Fortunately in the TGC, I saw several groups that have been active on ads, which can be of great help to the players.

He continued: Public media including IRIB have not paid SERIOUS attention to computer games that we hope they will be activated. Regarding the specialized media, they should be strengthened, and in this way, we can expect that talks between the National Game Foundation and the Deputy of Press can be happened.

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Iranian game developers should be inspired by their rich and great culture

Iranian game developers should be inspired by their rich and great culture
6 July 2018

Geogrify's CEO and former director of International Game Developers Association (IGDA), arguing that the success in the computer games market does not relate to location, has advised Iranian game developers to embrace their abilities and rich culture rather than focusing on limitations and hindrances.

Kate Edwards who delivered speech as the keynote speaker of TGC 2018 at the opening ceremony of the event, said ”It is a great honor for me to come to Iran. I have always admired those who make games with love and passion and I respect you a lot”.

She added that during her 25 years in the gaming industry, of which 5 years served as IGDA CEO, I've been to various events around the world. One of the things I learned on these trips is that" location “ does not limit game making, and you do not have to live in a particular country to be able to develop a game." I've seen a lot of game developers who have learned by themselves how to develop a game and progressed.
"The other thing is that talent and genius always manifest themselves," Edwards continued. “Some think they are separated from the well known gaming nations and their games will never be published internationally. But it's not true. whether you're in France, in Niger or Iran or the United States, you can succeed. Be sure all the world's game developers have come up with the same stresses and concerns you have have for the success of their games.

Managing Director Geogrify continued: Many Americans think Angry Birds was made in the US, but the game has been developed in Finland. In fact, it does not matter at all whether the game made in Finland or the United States, talent presents itself and becomes a global game.

The former director of the International Game Developers Association advised Iranian game developers: “ embrace your culture. Ancient Iran has been the beginning of many games in the world, and many successful Asian countries do not have such a history. You also have mythological characters such as Cyrus or Arash. Maybe you ask the Iranians know these characters, why should I make a game about them? But I’ll tell you that the people of the world are unaware of the history of these heroes. The Chinese are well inspired by their stories and civilization in their successful games, and you must also be inspired by your culture".

She added: “you do not have to be like American or Finn developers to be a successful one. Try to be yourself and stick to your abilities. Everyone has the ability and talent, and the key to this is paying attention to this very important issue”.
Edwards further said: “Would it be said that Picasso's painting is more beautiful or the painting by Da Vinci. Both artists have many fans and enthusiasts in the world. Everyone has his/her own style in developing game, and we can not say which one is better. Incidentally, these differences make us a stronger game developers”.

Managing director Geogrify, quoting Mark Twain, "Comparison is the death of happiness," said: "Do not compare yourself with others and focus on your work."
Stating that human history started by drawing on the walls of the caves, she added: ”Throughout history, human communication has evolved and progressed by language, writing, telephone, radio and digital media, and now humanity has reached to computer games. In fact, we are writing the next narrative of human history, and this is a great and, of course, exciting responsibility.”
Adding that we should be proud of what we are doing, Edwards said: "The revenue of the gaming industry in the world last year was higher than the total income of all professional sports, and this shows that our work has many economic, cultural and social effects."
In the end, Geogrify CEO emphasized: “ Our goal should not be to change the world with a game. But we can impact on part of the world and improve our environment. In this way, knowledge sharing is a very important and influential issue.

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