Iran Game Industry

Iran, the beating heart of the game industry in the Middle East

Iran is the vastest country in the Middle East. With more than 80 million residents, it has one of the youngest populations among the countries in the Middle East. In addition, Iran has the highest number of internet users among the countries of the region, which signals the great significance of technology in everyday lives of the Iranians.

More than half of the population of Iran, some 40 million, have and use smartphones, which has in turn led to rapid growth of relevant industries including the mobile games industry in the country.

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The game industry in Iran

In terms of purlieu and volume of the game market in Iran, it possesses one of the greatest game markets in the Middle East. More than 23 million Iranians are the audience of video games and on average, each spends 79 minutes of their time on playing games. The average age range of game enthusiasts in Iran has now reached 21, with 67% of this population being males and the remaining 33% females. More than 2800 are directly active in the game development industry and its relevant jobs, which makes Iran t he beating heart of the game industry in the Middle East.

Unique business opportunities in the game industry of Iran

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