The international event of Tehran Game Convention is the biggest B2B event for the video games industry in the Middle East.

Participation of tens of well-known speakers, +100 companies as well as 2000 domestic and international game developers, presents a unique opportunity for upscaling of game development and its market in Iran and in the region.

The first TGC was held in July 2017 and was very well-received by domestic and international game developers, and its second turn, creates an even greater opportunity for affiliations with game development pioneers.

The event is held by Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation in affiliation with Game Connection team.

Yes, it is. In addition to the attendance of tens of international speakers, publishers and investors, the main target of the event are active members of the video games development community in Gamestan Territory, consisting of 33 countries of the western and southern Asia, as well as the northern Africa.

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TGC is the biggest B2B event for the video games industry in Gamestan Territory. TGC 2017 successfully portrayed the potential of cooperation and affiliation among international game developers and publishers with active members of the game development industry in Iran as well as of the region. Game developers in Iran and the region are eager to form bilateral and multilateral business ties with pioneer international companies. Great opportunities await you in TGC:

  • Opportunity for familiarization with talented and determined Iranian game developers.
  • Access to potentially 80-million-people and 381-million-people markets of Iran and of the Middle East.
  • Introduction to investment opportunities as well as potentials for cooperation with Iranian developers.
  • Participation of +2000 domestic and international games developers.

Different types of tickets are provided to you in accordance with your type of business and intentions with participation in TGC. Since it is a commercial event, participants must purchase tickets to attend TGC. Find out more about tickets and pricing, and purchase yours Here.

You may have not heard of Gamistan. It is made up of two parts: “game”, and “stan” (a suffix used in Persian and Hindu-European languages for location) and is used to refer to a great geographical area of the video games industry. An area that shares enthusiasm, energy, geography, history and culture.

Gamistan is not a politically, or geographically bordered area, but it is a very vast zone enthusiastically intending to cooperate and scale with the rest of the world in the video games industry. 33 countries, from India to Morocco, from Kazakhstan to Yemen, and others like Turkey and Egypt are parts of the area. More than 2 billion people reside in Gamistan, 40 percent of whom play games on a daily basis.

We introduced Gamistan Territory to facilitate competition and growth for game developers of the region.