Call for Speakers

Loved it! It was the experience of a lifetime - Rayna Anderson, Eidos

Lucky you! TGC 2019 is your chance to share your expertise and knowledge with +1500 professionals from Iran and the rest of the world.

TGC 2019 will take place in July 5-6th 2019 in Tehran and will present +60 speakers delivering sessions (lectures and panels) and master classes.

+40 international speakers came to Iran to share and they had a great experience. Check some testimonials from them in this page:

Please note that flight and accommodation expenses will be covered for international speakers by us. If you think that sharing your expertise will help the video game community, please send us your submission before March 6th, 2019. The submissions will be reviewed by our advisory board members before the end of March. “New” content will be greatly appreciated. You can take advantage of your presence at the event to deliver 2 different sessions (one for intermediate attendees and another to advanced pros) if you feel like it.

Great energy, an audience that want to learn and share. - Christophe Riccio, Unity
Here is some info to help you build your submission:


we are looking for 45 min lectures, 45 min panels (with a maximum of 3 panelists and one moderator) or 7-hour master classes.


beginners (basic content for students or young professionals), intermediate (for pros with more than 2 years in the field) and experts (for advanced pros with more than 7 years in the field)


essentially mobile and social games but we are also interested in PC games topics and console games.

Tracks and topics:


PR, marketing, pitching, being successful on Google play and Apple App store, creativity, how to step into the market, making deals, QA, publishing on Steam, how to choose the game to market, making a game sustainable, UA and etc.


Pipeline, tools, methods, team management for small teams, production postmortems, VR and AR pipeline.


optimization, better performance, network, backend servers, Unity advanced programming, simulating console graphics on mobile.

Game Design:

Analytics, data driven game design, maximizing KPIs, game as a service, growth hack, live ops, modular game design, UI, UX, VR and AR, pipeline and workflow, playtesting and narrative design.


FX (2D, Houdini, lighting), modeling, facial rigging, mocap, art direction, concept design, ZBrush, texturing (Mari, Substance), UI design, UX, VR and optimization.

Be prepared for extras such as sightseeing in Tehran, great time with other international speakers, social events with local and international developers, great food and other social events.

English is the preferred language to apply as our international advisory board members can’t read Farsi. However, you can write the submission in Farsi if you feel more comfortable and we will provide a translation for the advisory board.

Please send us your submission before March 6th, 2019

TGC 2019 call for speakers submission form