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Caglar Eger photo

I was not able to get ESTA after visiting Iran, but I was at the US Embassy and they gave me a visa for 10 years. I solved the problem pretty easily, since I am German citizen

Director App Store Relations/Partnerships - GoodGame
Caglar Eger
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The only experience I had with US Customs was flying back from Mexico through Los Angeles, they asked me why I had traveled to Iran, and if there were any other middle eastern countries that I had visited. It wasn't a big deal, I just explained to them why I had traveled there, and how Iran was a wonderful country to visit. :)

Technical Art Director - Microsoft
David Coleman
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I had zero issue with Visa and things even when I went to Siggraph in the US soon after the TGC. The only thing was that I couldn't have an ESTA and had to apply for a typical visa.

OpenGL - Unity
Christophe Riccio
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I’ve been to the US about a dozen times since visiting Iran and have no issues whatsoever. I also was in Japan and had an emergency stop-over in Korea due to a storm over Tokyo. There apparently normally a visa process required for a visit to Korea, but it was waived due to the emergency. I have had no cause to apply for any other visas since, so I’m  not sure if my trip to Iran would affect future applications.

Founder and Community Manager - Gamma Space
Henry Faber
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I thought I would have issues traveling to the US but in the end all went smooth.I had to go to the embassy and get a normal visa instead of doing the visa waiver program and while that was bothering it was not a problem to get into the US.I also had a similar issue for my visa in China but in the end I got it.

Executive Marketing Director - Active Gaming Media
Robert Pontow
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The Netherlands offers the opportunity to get a 2nd passport. This is only for people who travel a lot to
countries that require a visa. It’s only valid for 2 years. I had to show the following documents in order to get  this 2nd passport: - Invitation letter of the conference (official with stamp and signature) - Proof of travel
history to conflicting countries (many trips to the US were enough proof of this) - Proof of planned trip (hotel confirmation and flight confirmation) Since I am sure my passports are linked somewhere in the system I was a tiny bit nervous when I had to travel to the US again two weeks after (on my regular passport of course). However, no one batted an eyelid. So I would definitely recommend speakers to see if their country offers a secondary passport option.

Business Development Manager - Tamalaki
Martine Spaans
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A colleague of mine actually applied for Nexus – which is very detailed enhanced security checks for US+Canada allowing expedited passage through customs for both countries, after visiting TGC and it did not cause any issues. Ironically I get more questions from my trips to Turkey – in China they always ask me about what I was doing in Istanbul. They never care about Iran. I’m happy to share my experiences with others.

Head of School of Creative Technology - Vancouver Film School
Peter Walsh
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Because I have 2 passports. I use different one for travelling to US and different when going to Iran. I don’t know how this would work if there was one for all the countries. So far I didn’t have any problems, but i’m not a typical case.

Senior Marketing Manager - 11 bit studios S.A.
Karol Zajaczkowski
Hotels Accommodation Guide

There are a huge variety of hotels in Tehran, from cheap to luxury. We made a catalogue from the best possible hotels for you.

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Isfahan Tour

As our participant, you are invited to join the VIP Round-trip! It will take place 2 days after the event (Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th) in Isfahan, the cultural capital of Iran.

We offer this possibility for you to enjoy several benefits:

For more information regarding this trip and its timetable please find the corresponding catalogue from here:

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Pierre and Sophie from Game Connection team tested the trip in Isfahan and they highly recommend it. Note that Isfahan tour will be charged a discounted price of 360 Euro per person.

Pierre and Sophie from Game Connection team tested the trip in Isfahan for you and can answer any question you may have on the subject. They highly recommend it.

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