The challenges of being a publisher in terms of User Acquisition and Marketing

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    Mohamad Mehdi Behfar

    CEO of Pishgaman Yara Kish


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    Milad Entezami

    Panel Moderator


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    Saeed Sadeghi



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    Arash Jafari




In this panel, Mohammad Mehdi behfarrad from Yara information technology and Tapligh ad network, Saeed Sadeghi from Tapsell and Arash Jafari from Fangames will discuss about the challenges of advertisement and user acquisition for the Iranian games. The following topics will be discussed:

1.   Do you think user acquisition is becoming a major challenge for game developers nowadays?

2.   What do you think would be the main source of acquiring highly effective users for mobile and computer games?

3. How do you devise a marketing and user acquisition plan before launching your game? Does store promotion also play a role?

4.   What will you do to increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns?

5.   Is the genre of the game influential in the designed user acquisition process for it?