Investment opportunities for the Iranian Game Industry

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    Hossein Mazrooei



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    Hamed Sajedi

    CEO of Shenasa


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    Hassan Karimi Ghodoosi

    CEO of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation


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    Risa Cohen



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    Mohamad Mehdi Behfar

    CEO of Pishgaman Yara Kish



Panel Talk Title: Investment Opportunities in the Video Game Industry


This panel, will assess the opportunities for investment, security, and business capital in the video games industry from a domestic and international investment standpoint in order to address several issues in this area.

With the assessment of the latest developments in the game industry’s investment sector, past challenges and opportunities will be taken into account, as well as taking a look into attracting investment and capital for game developers. Furthermore, those interested in investing and/or investment partnerships may pose their questions during the Q&A session and participate in an exchange of ideas.


·        Check Iran’s games market value and volume and its investment attractiveness

·        How to attract investment for games and model investments?

·        The amount of investments in the field

·        Domestic and foreign investments

·        Investment rules and regulations

·        Presentation of investor success stories in the game industry

·        Presentation of successful experiences in the game industry, in the field of advertising and marketing and introducing games as powerful media

·        Advertisement

·        Create high-risk funds


Panel Members:

- Hamed Sajedi, CEO of Shenasa (Venture Capital firm of Pasargad Financial Group)

- Hassan Karimi Ghodoosi, CEO of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation

- Mohamad Mehdi Behfar, CEO of Pishgaman Yara Kish

- Hussein Mazroei, CEO of Ava Games (Panel Director)