What publishers are looking for in your game?

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    Caglar Eger



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    Robert Pontow

    Active gaming Media


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    Ahmed Alsafar

    Play 3arabi Inc


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    Hassan Mehdiasl

    Sourena Game Studio



In this panel Caglar Eger from Goodgame, Robert Pontow from Active gaming Media and Ahmed Alsafar from Play3Arabi will discuss about the core values that a game should have in order to get accepted by publishers for different markets. The following questions will be discussed:

1. Are there any core principles in producing a game suitable for being published by top publishers around the globe?

2. What are the key points that publishers will look for when you pitch the game to them?

3. Is producing a game for a specific market a good approach? Or we need to look at the market more broadly? 

4. Is there a preferred art style? Game mechanics? How a publisher evaluates or predicts the success of a game for the international release?

5. What points the developers should be aware of when they want to negotiate a contract with a publisher?